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Color: Teal

THE KAI I BUCKET is a two in one - subtle but rich statement accessory. It's heritage-driven, reversible, and versatile. The brocade is sourced directly from GuiYang, China - where our founder first studied Fashion Design in 2016. The reverse side is made of Japanese Denim. Both sides fray organically over time. Unisex piece that can be dressed up or down: perfect for everyday, events, and festivals.

  • 100% polyester brocade
  • Reversible - Japanese Denim
  • Mini outer pocket 
  • Natural fray over time
  • Removable adjustable strings
  • One Size
  • Allow 4-8 Weeks for Pre-order Shipping


What were your thoughts behind designing this bucket hat?

AZ: I love bucket hats & I haven't seen any brocade bucket hats. When it comes to brocade, the print is the most important aspect- it makes up the entire look. I love subtle statements for anything on your head/face. If it's too bold, it takes away from your natural beauty. A little muted, your light shines through... I hate cheap looking brocade, it ruins the richness. I wanted this piece to be something I could wear any season - with a sweat set & my Nike Ambush's or with a long silky dress in the spring. it's not too in your face, and you can flip it over for an everyday look. I think most people would like fashion that make them work smarter, not harder.